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original music video by the Space Gorilla


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Debut music video from No Illuminati! (was uploaded a few years back - we got locked out of that account tho, some sort of conspiracy? Probably.) Images created by the Space Gorilla.
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We are No illuminati


 Keyboards - Lishan Ang

Lead guitar - Ishan Karunanayake

Vocals & guitar - Cat Robinson

Drums - Luke Robinson 



People keep asking what our music is. As we meld music from different times and places together, we hope our music will unite and bring people together.

Here is something written about us by our very loyal fan and friend, Andrew Chikavaidze;

"Sitting in my rocking chair with a pipe, recollecting the echo of amazing cosmic Surveillance Party, and making attempts to write a few lines about No Illuminati, the headliners, one of the strangest phenomenons I ever seen, and imho the tone setters in today's Sydney alternative music stage.

It is virtually impossible to explain No Illuminati's style, in one two or three words. I remember my very first associations were "funkcore" and "jazz hop" when I saw them live :D It is incredible how band mixes dance music and jazz standards with rhythm-and-blues, hard rock, trip hop, "Nu-blues" and "tech-funk" and the result sounds like none of those.

It's just hard to believe how the band managed to mix contradictory things and got the "unity of opposites". In fact No Illuminati promoted the idea of "fusion" to the next level, made it like a chemical reaction, where you can recognise the components but the result is completely new substance with it's own taste and groove. Add to this otherwordly and occult appearance, word plays in lyrics which could have make Lennon envy, and you'll get some idea of what No Illuminati is. It seems like No Illuminati is just one step of creating a new genre. And yes, the band does have a potential to change the order of the music world some day, and it seems they already started ;)”

“Materiem superabat opus!”

- Andrew Chikavaidze, March 2016

Thanks Andrew!

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It’s true, we haven’t been updating the website… apologies folks. More shows coming soon!

In the meantime, you might catch Cat and Lish playing at some sneaky jazz nights around Sydney town. :)

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